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Troubleshooting and tips: hear well, stay connected

How modern technology brings back smiles and connections Advanced digital hearing aids today are equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology to facilitate direct streaming of sound from your mobile phone, tablet, TV etc. This technology has definitely improved the clarity of sounds and benefited many hearing-impaired individuals especially those with severe hearing loss.  The pairing and […] Read More

  • 07 Sep 2021

Let’s talk about ruptured eardrum – what is it and how to treat it

Broken eardrum or Tympanic Membrane perforation is a medical condition in which there is a tear or hole(s) on the eardrum.  This could be the result mostly from middle ear infection, trauma to head/ear, sudden blast of loud sounds or foreign object poking too far into the ear.   Function of Tympanic Membrane Apart from […] Read More

  • 30 Apr 2021

Passion and details in partnership brings the difference to hearing

Partnership refers to the pooling of expertise, experiences and solutions across teams and organisations towards this common goal. This award is the recognition of these combined efforts and passions.  We are honoured to receive this Outstanding Partnership award from Phonak, a leading hearing aids solution brand under the Sonova Group, Switzerland.  Thank you to Phonak […] Read More

  • 25 Feb 2021

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3 March is World Hearing Day.  Here at The Hearing Specialist Group, we are passionate about helping others hear better, lead active, independent lives and create happy moments and memories.   For the month of March 2021, The Hearing Specialist offers a complimentary one-to-one professional consultation and hearing aid experience session with our experienced, caring Audiologists.  […] Read More

Wireless technology in modern hearing aids open up wide range of applications for better hearing lifestyles Do you know that hearing aids can be small and powerful too? Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving which brings us hearing aids that are much smaller and more powerful. Practically invisible, custom-made in-the-canal hearing aids are what many prefer […] Read More

Noticed behavioural changes in your loved ones e.g. less chatty, no longer goes out with friends or engage in their favourite activity? This could be a sign of the effects of prolonged, untreated hearing loss.  What is the link between dementia and hearing loss? How can recent technological advances in hearing aid solutions help?  Users […] Read More


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