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How to pair Phonak Marvel series hearing aids to phone

Enjoy clear rich sounds, better speech understanding in noise and less listening effort with Phonak Marvel hearing aids. Phonak Audéo Marvel is also the world’s first hearing aids that can connect to any Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly.  This includes small, customized in-the-ear and behind-the-ear designs.  You can connect them to devices such as laptop, tablet, […] Read More

  • 19 Jun 2020

Do you know your hearing aids can connect and talk to your TV, laptop?

Do you know your hearing aids can connect and talk to your TV, laptop? You can extend your hearing ability by pairing your modern hearing aids to accessories such as the TV Streamer.  With this combination setup, the TV/laptop sounds will be streamed into both of your hearing aids to enhance your listening experience. We have prepared […] Read More

  • 17 Jun 2020

What is in my ear?

It is the Virto Marvel Black, a small, custom-made modern hearable that combines wireless earbud features with latest connectivity hearing aid technology. A stylish black with a new cool name; Virto M Black by Phonak swiss based leading hearing aid manufacturer under the Sonova Group.  It helps you hear better, enjoy sounds and stay connected by connecting […] Read More

  • 05 Jun 2020

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A million more Marvel Moments Hear your loved ones enjoy the sounds of life and hear better! We know hearing is believing, starting with knowledge. We are participating in Phonak Singapore’s Marvel Trial Campaign taking place from now to January 2020.  You will receive a free one-to-one hearing test and consultation with our professional, experienced Audiologists who will also help […] Read More

Wireless technology in modern hearing aids open up wide range of applications for better hearing lifestyles Do you know that hearing aids can be small and powerful too? Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving which brings us hearing aids that are much smaller and more powerful. Practically invisible, custom-made in-the-canal hearing aids are what many prefer […] Read More

The Hearing Specialist Open House and Talk 2019 (1) Specialist Talks: Is there a link between Dementia and Hearing Loss and how can hearing aids help (English and Mandarin) Hearing loss is more than just not hearing well. Beside communication difficulties, social and psychological impacts are often overlooked. Recent studies had also shown a link […] Read More


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