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Core Values

Enhancing our patients’
quality of lives

Core Values


Authenticity & Integrity

At THSG, we offer honest and genuine service, ensuring that patients have a clear and complete understanding of their hearing condition and the appropriate treatment.

We communicate and build trust with a “patients-first” approach, patiently guiding them through the entire consulting, diagnostic and hearing aid fitting process to help patients return home, better informed and with truly better quality lifestyles to look forward to.



The team behind THSG are qualified hearing care professionals that patients and their families can depend on. Our audiologists possess extensive experience in the industry, and (both) hold Masters in Audiology (UK) and Degrees in Engineering.

This unique synergy of educational qualifications, professional expertise and industry experience gives THSG a key advantage in an industry where both service and technological expertise are crucial.

Genuine Care

Genuine Care

“Friend first, Specialist second” – our audiologists are ardent believers that good hearing is essential to leading a good quality of life. We constantly see how well-fitted hearing aids can transform patients lives, and know that every patient deserves to receive this treatment – sooner rather than later.

After more than 20 years of experience in patient care and interaction, we understand the social stigmas and common misconceptions with regards to healthcare issues such as hearing loss (which is improperly disregarded and seen as “a normal part of growing old” where one has to suffer in silence).

It is vital for us to identify and relates to patients’ needs and concerns with care and sensitivity, and that’s what we do best. We have the time, care and expertise to take proper care of our patients’ hearing health, because we genuinely believe in its importance.


Discount Program

Although hearing aids are currently not covered under the Pioneer Generation Scheme or Medisave Scheme, we offer discounts for Pioneer Generation Card Holders as we find that affordability is one of the top 3 concerns faced by our patients.

In addition, we believe in social pricing and have collaborated with hearing aid manufacturers to develop entry price point models that can address mild to moderate hearing loss (which covers 60%-70% of the hearing-impaired population). We also offer fully digital hearing aids across all types, starting from $800 each. This low price is an industry-first and remains the most affordable digital option available in Singapore.