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Our User Stories

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  • Jeffrey Gan
    General Manager - APAC

    “I have known Boon Hai since 2006 who is not only a knowledgeable, attentive, sensitive and exceptional audiologist that has continuously provided solutions to overcome my challenges. His warm and caring personality instil confidence, trust and respect.”

  • Mdm Sara
    first time hearing aid user

    I have severe hearing loss.  I can now speak to my loved ones over phone calls, facetime or video calls.  This is the best thing that happens to me, thanks to wireless Bluetooth technology in modern hearing aids.

  • Mdm Chua
    happy user

    “I am so happy with my new, small and easy-to-use hearing aids! It is so small and unnoticeable.  No one will notice I am wearing a hearing aid.  Now I can hear well again.  Thank you! I told Mr. Tan (our Principal Audiologist) I prefer a small in-the-ear hearing aid as it is easier to manage with the current mask-on the situation”