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Phonak Audeo Life: greater reliability, clear natural sounds and Bluetooth connectivity for active lifestyles

Are you worried that you may accidentally shower with your hearing aids in your ears; sweat might damage your hearing aids when you go for your exercise?

Phonak has recently added a new hearing aid to their portfolio called Audeo Life. Audeo Life is equipped with the wonderful features from the latest Paradise technology such as clear natural sound; and automatic connectivity to phone or Bluetooth devices or TV to support streaming sound directly into the hearing aids.

Phonak Audeo Life hearing aid is designed with enhanced protection against moisture. The internal circuitry of this hearing aid is coated with Parylene in order to provide a layer of barrier against moisture. Silicon seals are used around the seams of the hearing aid. It uses lithium-ion rechargeable battery with contactless / induction charging. Audeo Life has undergone robust testing against fresh water, salt water and sweat. It is also capable to submerge in water of up to 50cm. Reliability of the hearing aid improves greatly with better resistance against moisture.

Newly launched in Singapore in July 2022, Audeo Life hearing aids provide greater reliability that allows user to have peace of mind when engaging in a more active lifestyle.

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