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Get professional advice from The Hearing Specialist at Health Fiesta 2019

  • 12 Apr 2019

Better Hearing for Better Living Get professional advice, learn from specialist weekend talks, enjoy show exclusives  at Health Fiesta 2019 Learn about the various impacts of untreated hearing loss, the hearing management process, 6 things you need to know before getting a hearing aid and how the latest hearing aid technology can help with our team of […] Read More

Join us for 2019 Open House and Talks

  • 26 Feb 2019

March is for Marvel-lous Hearing We know many of you are looking to learn more about hearing loss and to gain first-hand experience with latest hearing aid technology and has organised our first Open House especially for you.  Featuring a panel of speakers comprising of Audiologists and ENT Specialist over this two-day event, you will […] Read More

Hear Us on 95.8fm radio

  • 19 Oct 2018

Do you know medical grade titanium is used in  invisible custom-made hearing aid, how small and powerful today’s hearing aid technology can be and been wondering about rechargeable aids?    Tune in to 95.8FM technology update program on 16 and 17 Oct, at 1.20pm onwards with DJ Jian Bin and Mr Tan Boon Hai, Principal […] Read More

Thank you for joining us at Lianhe Zaobao LOHAS Health Seminar 2018

  • 18 Oct 2018

Back for the 12th year, ZB LOHAS Mega Health Seminar 2018 brings you vital tips and life-changing insights from a panel of distinguished doctors and specialists who will share their expertise on ways to identify facts from fiction while exploring treatment and preventive methods available.                  Thank you […] Read More

Coming soon – Hear More with rechargeable ReSound LiNX Quattro™

  • 27 Aug 2018

We have in our hands the Quattro by ReSound.  Based on new chip platform, Quattro offers brilliant sound experience and is the smallest and longest lasting 2.4 GHz integrated Li-ion rechargeable hearing aid on the market.  This brings convenience to seniors as they no longer have to worry about changing the small hearing aid battery. […] Read More

Hear more than you ever thought possible

  • 16 Mar 2018

The latest ReSound LiNX 3D Smart Hearing aids is officially launched in Singapore today. The Hearing Specialist Clinics was given the privilege to use this new range of products from GN Resound since last November and responses from end users have been overwhelming! This latest advanced digital hearing aids enable you to better hear speech […] Read More

Enjoy hearing with one simple charge – rechargeable hearing aid technology is here

  • 25 Jul 2017

  Enjoy hearing with one simple charge One concern among hearing aid users especially among those with dexterity and/or vision issues is the difficulty in managing the small battery. Some of them grapple with changing the battery and often lose them in the process. Depending on the hearing aid model, they need to change the […] Read More

Do you know that hearing aids can be small and powerful

  • 14 Jul 2017

Do you know that hearing aids can be small and powerful too? Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving which brings us hearing aids that are becoming much smaller and more powerful. Invisible, in-the-canal hearing aids are what many prefer when making hearing aid decision to help them hear better.  In addition to the cosmetic appeal, […] Read More

Better Hearing Leaves Ben Smiling

  • 06 Jan 2016

Special Olympics athlete Ben Tan is hearing impaired, but you do not realise it because you are won over by his cheeky personality, ready smile, and quick humour, as he poses for pictures during Special Olympics events. His unformed speech, the only indicator of his condition, compels the listener to pay extra attention. When I […] Read More

Latest Discount Programs

  • 28 Dec 2015

  Although hearing aids are not currently covered under the Pioneer Generation Scheme or the Medisave Scheme, we offer discounts for Seniors and Pioneer Generation Card Holders as we know affordability is one of the top 3 concerns.             “Hear More, Pay Less” Promotions You can now enjoy a better hearing experience thanks […] Read More