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Jul 2020

Passion and details in partnership brings the difference to hearing

  • 25 Feb 2021

Partnership refers to the pooling of expertise, experiences and solutions across teams and organisations towards this common goal. This award is the recognition of these combined efforts and passions.  We are honoured to receive this Outstanding Partnership award from Phonak, a leading hearing aids solution brand under the Sonova Group, Switzerland.  Thank you to Phonak […] Read More

The impact of not hearing well

  • 29 Jan 2021

A deterioration in hearing can lead to changes in behavior and lifestyle “I always prepare a few big notes like $50 or $100 notes when I go to the market as I often cannot hear clearly when the store seller tells me the amount to pay”. “Nowadays, I only WhatsApp my friends and tell them […] Read More

Welcome to the world of Phonak Paradise

  • 16 Nov 2020

Our ability to hear all the nuances of our sound environment is such an integral part of our existence. Being able to hear well adds to our sense of connection and engagement, which ultimately contributes to our overall well-being. Phonak Paradise is developed with this in mind. Available now in clinics. Introducing the launch of […] Read More

Don’t let fear gets in the way of good hearing

  • 31 Aug 2020

3 steps towards a successful hearing aid experience The fear of using hearing aids especially in seniors, whether they can achieve good hearing outcome deters many from coming forward to try.  How do we go about choosing the right hearing aid and get it right from the start? Here are three pointers you should know […] Read More

Link between hearing loss, cognitive decline and dementia

  • 04 Aug 2020

Local and international researches showed that there is a link between hearing loss, cognitive decline and dementia. Local elderly who lose hearing are 2.3 times more likely to develop mild cognitive impairment or dementia, according to a research collaborated by National University of Singapore (NUS) and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.  Cognitive ability impacted because […] Read More

Importance of good hearing

  • 29 Jul 2020

The struggle to hear is real.  The current health pandemic makes people more acutely aware of the importance of good hearing and urgency of managing it. During the lock down period, many of us can only communicate with our parents through phone calls and if possible, Face Time and found it difficult.  Many realized our seniors […] Read More

Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aid

  • 28 Jul 2020

One of the recent advances in hearing aid technology is wireless connectivity. Wireless connectivity allows communication between devices without a physical wired connection. Advanced digital hearing aids uses Bluetooth wireless technology to link and exchange data between devices over short distances.  This results in high quality sound being received by the hearing aids which provides […] Read More

Do you know your hearing aids can connect and talk to your TV, laptop?

  • 17 Jun 2020

Do you know your hearing aids can connect and talk to your TV, laptop? You can extend your hearing ability by pairing your modern hearing aids to accessories such as the TV Streamer.  With this combination setup, the TV/laptop sounds will be streamed into both of your hearing aids to enhance your listening experience. We have prepared […] Read More

Small, fully connected, customised hearing aid with wireless earbud features – Virto Marvel

  • 05 Jun 2020

What is in my ear? It is the Virto Marvel Black, a small, custom-made modern hearable that combines wireless earbud features with latest connectivity hearing aid technology. A stylish black with a new cool name; Virto M Black is made by Phonak, a leading swiss based hearing aid manufacturer. It helps you hear better, enjoy sounds, hear […] Read More

What you always wanted to know: are two hearing aids better than one?

  • 03 Jan 2020

Are two hearing aids better than one? I have hearing loss; do I get one or two hearing aids? One seems sufficiently for me to hear but two may seem too much for me to manage. If you are pondering to get one or two hearing aids for your hearing loss condition, you are not […] Read More