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Small, discreet hearing aids – Custom fit, easy to use, rich and natural sounds with wireless technology

  • 28 Aug 2019

Wireless technology in modern hearing aids open up wide range of applications for better hearing lifestyles

Do you know that hearing aids can be small and powerful too?

Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving which brings us hearing aids that are much smaller and more powerful. Practically invisible, custom-made in-the-canal hearing aids are what many prefer when making hearing aid decision to help them hear better.  In addition to the cosmetic appeal, eligible users also enjoy better sound quality that are richer, more natural sounds from custom-made aids, among other features.

Wireless technology is also available in custom-made hearing aid models, enabling you to connect your hearing aids to your smart devices such as phones and TV.  You can now enjoy your favourite activities such as watching your favourite TV dramas, news clearly.

Invisible-hearing-aid-in-ear-canalCan elderly use custom made hearing aid too?
One common misconception is that elderly users cannot use custom-made hearing aid. From our extensive clinical experience, we are happy to share that many of our senior users actually finds it more comfortable and easy to use custom-made hearing aid models over behind-the-ear model. When a user finds an hearing aid comfortable and easy to use, they build confidence and are motivated to wear it more. When they wear it often, it helps them to relearn sounds, train the brain’s cognitive processing ability and hears better, leading to the desired successful hearing outcome.

The first important step
The first important step is to get your hearing checked by an trained, experienced Audiologist (hearing care specialist).  Technological improvements and affordability are two key factors and the third, important factor is consulting an experienced Audiologist.  He or she will help you understand your hearing condition, identify the next step to take e.g. further checks or seek hearing solutions.  In the latter, he or she will partner you on the journey to achieve better hearing, from selecting the right hearing aid solutions from the big range of options to programming to post-fitting support.  

As Audiologists, we are always striving to bring the latest advancements in hearing aid technology to help you improve your hearing and brings back the joy the hearing again.