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Emergence of new hearing issues in the modern world

The struggle to hear is real.

The new normal, which shifts the way people live, work, interact and stay connected with others, introduces new hearing issues that were not commonly seen in the past. The increasing demand and use of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, TV, iPad and laptop for leisure, work, and so on has made people more acutely aware of their own hearing health and start to look for solutions and preventive measures.

Communication through phone calls, FaceTime and watching TV, video clips from mobile phones, tablets has become favourite pastime activity of many young and old.  However, these activities become challenging and stressful for those who can’t hear well. Many ended up developing avoidance behaviour, trying their best to avoid listening, such as switching direct calls to texting, avoiding watching TV, and even skipping videos without subtitles. These issues have existed for a long time, but are amplified/highlighted during Covid-19 outbreak.

The younger population such as the working class and students are not excluded. With hybrid working mode and home-based learning becoming increasingly common, online technology such as Zoom meetings which are used for conversation and teaching are also causing new problems for them. Without good hearing, catching the words or hearing clearly is difficult, even with headphones on. It affects effective communication, work performance as well as learning process. It is stressful and tiring trying to manage the issues.

Not only one could not hear well, hearing loss also poses a significant impact on areas such as one’s emotional well-being, quality of lifestyles, relationships and more. The saying “when someone in the family has a hearing problem, the whole family faces the hearing problem” is so true.  The whole family need not suffer any longer through the help from modern hearing aid solutions.

Today’s hearing aids are small in size, highly invisible, easier to use and more importantly, are equipped with more advanced signal and noise processing systems. Sounds are more natural and comfortable to hear. They can also be easily transformed into wireless ‘Bluetooth earbuds’, to be used together with mobile gadgets, effectively solving the difficulties with mobile phone, online meetings and so on.

The issues that you are facing will not go away until you address it. Do not let the fear, rumors or physical appearance hinders you from moving forward.  Take the first step to know more and gain first-hand experience with help from experienced Audiologists.


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