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Hear well, stay connected

The sense of hearing enables us to feel connected to the environment, things happening around us and most importantly, it helps us to connect to the people around us. Our senses will slowly fade with age.  However, our desire to hear well and stay connected remain unchanged.

The hidden impacts we need to know

The impacts of hearing loss do not stop at the obvious effects of hearing less which make conversations much more difficult to conduct, especially in noisy situations.

Our ears pickup sounds and deliver it to the brain to process.  When we have difficulty hearing, our brain has to work harder to process sounds to help us understand what we hear.  This reduces our brain’s ability to perform other cognitive functions such as attention, memory and language.

Slow deterioration of hearing loss causes much more social and psychological impacts than what many of us know e.g. one’s behaviours change to accommodate their poor hearing. Their sense of security and confidence drops, they become quiet, less active and socially withdrawn.

Hear well, stay connected 

“Being able to hear well again is the best thing that ever happened to me!” This happy remark was made by one of our patients who got her hearing aids fitted during her hospital stay following a knee cap replacement surgery. “I was frustrated with not knowing what is going on around me. The ability to hear well again helps me reconnect to the happenings and people around me.  This is such a wonderful feeling”.  She told Mr Tan Boon Hai, Principal Audiologist with The Hearing Specialist. Now, she no longer misses a phone call as her mobile phone ringtone will be streamed directly to her hearing aids. Phone call conversations are much clearer and effortless to hear.  This is possible thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity technology in modern digital hearing aids.

Designed with the user in mind

Advances in today’s hearing aid technology are designed with two things in mind: better sound quality performance and ease of use. “My poorer vision and shaky hand does not affect my ability to use rechargeable hearing aids. I just put it into the charger to charge and it turns on automatically for me to use.  Easy to use and I don’t have to struggle with small batteries.”. The other big benefit of rechargeable hearing aid is it encourages longer usage hours which improve the overall hearing experience.

Making an effective hearing aid decision on your own can be a daunting task. Seek professional advice from qualified Audiologists. Start with understanding your hearing loss condition, hearing lifestyle needs, evaluate and try modern hearing aids solutions for yourself. You will realise it is easier than you think.