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Troubleshooting and tips: hear well, stay connected

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Troubleshooting and tips: hear well, stay connected

  • 07 Sep 2021

How modern technology brings back smiles and connections

Advanced digital hearing aids today are equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology to facilitate direct streaming of sound from your mobile phone, tablet, TV etc. This technology has definitely improved the clarity of sounds and benefited many hearing-impaired individuals especially those with severe hearing loss. 

The pairing and connecting the hearing aids to mobile phone, iPad, etc are straightforward and often we need to establish the pairing only once.  However, there are times when the Bluetooth connection appeared to be not functioning and answering mobile calls suddenly become impossible.

For senior users, this can be a big problem and often, it is difficult to teach them how to resolve the problem over the phone.  As a result, when this happens, they rush to our clinic immediately for help.

User story

Mr Ng, 86-year-old with severe hearing loss depends heavily on his Bluetooth hearing aids for phone conversations.  As his children are all staying overseas, making phone calls to them has become a daily routine for him.  One morning, he rushed into our clinic seeking help as he notices he cannot hear sounds from the phone. He panicked as he was unable to hear his family members over phone calls last night.

This simple trick resolved the issue. He could reconnect with his overseas family members on the spot in our clinic. His look of happiness says it all!

This is the tip we share with our users.

If you notice your phone suddenly stop streaming sounds from your mobile phone, simply RESTART YOUR PHONE. Your mobile phone will reconnect to your hearing aids again. This usually work very well with iPhone.

If you are using an Android phone, after restarting your mobile phone, you may need to go to the phone “Setting” to check on the Bluetooth status of the paired hearing aids and “connect” them again if it is not already connected.