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An Introduction to Hearing Aids

Nothing to See, Everything to Hear


Do you know your iPhone and TV can talk to your hearing aids directly?

When someone in the family has hearing loss, the whole family faces the hearing problem. One of the most common disabilities faced by elderly, the impact of hearing loss is significantly felt in daily activities from not able to:

  • answer phone calls
  • hear TV program or radio sounds
  • hear the doorbell or kettle whistling

A properly fitted hearing aid is the answer to these difficulties.

Hearing aid technology has advanced significantly over the past few years. From analogue to advanced digital and now, coupled with wireless technology that not only improves overall sound quality. Using Bluetooth technology, it can wirelessly stream sounds from your smartphone, iPAD and TV to your hearing aids to help you hear more, easier and effortlessly.

Hearing aids also come in rechargeable form which means seniors no longer has to grapple with small batteries and focus more on better hearing. A range of wireless communicative devices is now available to be used together with hearing aids to extend one’s hearing. So you can enjoy your favourite hearing activities like before again.

To assure that you get the best results from a hearing aid, it is recommended that you consult a qualified, experienced audiologist with rich experience across patient categories e.g. seniors.

At The Hearing Specialist, we not only have a strong team of Audiologists with over 20 years of patient care experience, we carry the full range of hearing aids styles, size and pricing for every hearing loss.

We also have various hearing aids upgrade and discount schemes for Seniors and Pioneer Generation card holders. Click here for more details or call us at 6346 0858 to learn more.

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