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Hearing matters. Because you matters.

  • 18 Jan 2018

Hearing difficulty appears in many forms.

Do you know that challenging hearing situations include not being able to hear phone calls, watch videos, TV programs or music; activities they used to enjoy. Developing a stronger understanding of the various hearing issues will help us be more empathic as well as understand how the latest developments in hearing aid technology can helps our loved ones.


The top wish among hearing impaired individuals is to be able to hear like a normal hearing person, again.


Cool things you didn’t know about hearing aids

Modern hearing aids do a great job to support us in many everyday situations. However, in situations where there are multi-parties’ conversations, where the background is noisier or where the sound source is over a longer distance such as meetings or talks, the hearing challenged individual finds it hard to hear well and stays engaged.  Many may not aware that there are wireless accessories dedicated for work and life that complements modern hearing aids to extend and enhance one’s hearing.

Smaller, today’s hearing aids are also more powerful, enable better understanding in noise, are rechargeable and can talk to smart devices like iPhone or iPAD via wireless technology.

Help your loved ones hear better

Start with a hearing test by qualified, experienced audiologists.

Many thinks that one’s hearing needs to deteriorate to a profound stage before they need to seek treatment. The truth is even a mild hearing loss can have big impact on daily lives. The earlier one comes forward for test and management, the more benefits one can realise from hearing solutions such as hearing aids.

Encourage them, share with them how much they mean to you and how you wishes to speak and connect with them like before.  Gives them support by accompanying them to the hearing test appointments.  For those diagnosed with hearing loss, encourage them to try the various hearing solutions to realise its benefits.

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Who you see for your hearing aids matters