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How rechargeable function in hearing aids helps improve hearing, now and tomorrow

Rechargeable hearing aids were first introduced to the market about 5 years ago and are constantly being enhanced to bring about significant benefits to end users.


1. Introduction of more advanced technology and features such as advanced signal processing, powerful noise reduction and wireless Bluetooth connectivity in modern digital hearing aids have significantly improve overall hearing experience but these features also brought about a new problem: higher power consumption. Without rechargeable technology in hearing aids, users will need to change battery more often which may deter them from using it.  Recharge ability not only make this high-power consumption issue transparent to users, it also plays a big part in making hearing aids effective and easy to use which helps us achieve the top objective of better hearing. 


2. Water proof hearing aids are finally available, all thanks to contactless rechargeable technology in modern hearing aids.  Many seniors are concerned about hearing aids getting wet if they forget to remove them before shower or when they are caught in the rain.  Water proof hearing aids help to take away these worries and at the same time, increase confidence in using them.  Without rechargeable technology, water proof hearing aids will never be possible.


3. Rechargeable hearing aids was first introduced in the Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) form and now, includes the higher power hearing aid models. 


Current direction of hearing aids’ development continues to focus on broadening the range of contactless, rechargeable benefits.  The next solution we can look forward to will be rechargeable, custom made hearing aid models which will be available in our clinics in about a month’s time. Then, more users with varying types of hearing loss and ear canal shape/conditions could benefit from the ease and impactful features made possible/facilitated by the rechargeable function.


As some of us may be aware, one of the obvious benefits is doing away with the need to buy or change small battery which deters some users such as seniors or those with dexterity issue from using and benefiting from hearing aids. Recharge ability not only removes these concerns, it makes hearing aids easy to use even for senior users.  They can use it independently and resume their preferred lifestyles with confidence.

Our clinical experience also showed that patients who used rechargeable hearing aids tend to use it for longer hours which leads to better hearing outcome and satisfaction.  Because of this technology, we also notice more seniors are more willing to accept and start using hearing aids.


Designed with you in mind

On average individual with hearing loss take about 5 to 7 years before seeing an Audiologist for hearing aids.  Some concerns include whether it is easy to use, effective, reliability etc. 

Today contactless, rechargeable hearing aids combine high power processing and wireless Bluetooth technology has made hearing aid more acceptable to many first-time users especially our seniors. These latest hearing aid solutions enable users to resume their favourite activities with confidence independently and stay connected with friends, family and events happening around them.


Users across new, current or senior categories will greatly benefit from the ease of usage designed with them in mind and re gain lifestyle changing benefits from modern, rechargeable hearing aid technology outlined above.  As always, we encourage you to get your hearing checked by qualified Audiologists as the first important step.  They will be happy to guide you on the most relevant hearing aids solution options and partner you on the journey to better hearing lifestyle together.