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Importance Of Good Hearing

29 July 2020

The struggle to hear is real. 

The current health pandemic makes people more acutely aware of the importance of good hearing and urgency of managing it. During the lock down period, many of us can only communicate with our parents through phone calls and if possible, Face Time and found it difficult.  Many realized our seniors could not hear the phone ring or the caller’s voice clearly.  The truth is our seniors have been struggling to use the phone or make out the words and dialogues from TV programs for a long time until they gave up.

Can you imagine living without mobile phone or TV in your lives? Watching TV or YouTube clips through mobile phone has become our favorite pastime activity.

Since early 2020, many start to work from home or do home based learning by harnessing online technology such as Zoom online meetings, video calls with colleagues, clients, teachers. They also found it hard to catch the words or hear clearly, even with headphones on.

Hearing loss affects all age groups. As hearing loss happens gradually over time and silently in the background, affected individuals learnt to get used to hearing less and try to manage around it affecting relationships and connections.

The saying “when someone in the family has a hearing problem, the whole family faces the hearing problem” is so true as many family members shared with us. We also know this issue is not new and it will not go away until we address it.

Help your loved ones rediscover the joys of hearing

Hearing aid amplification remains the most effective solution for hearing loss.  Recent advances in digital hearing aid technology made it more beneficial and they are:

  1. Rechargeable technology

Rechargeable hearing aid not only delivers clearer, richer sound experience with new sound processing chip. Easy to use, the key benefit is it encourages longer usage hours which helps user to retrain their brain to relearn sounds and noise. The longer they wear, the better their hearing gets.

It also does away with need to handle small battery or worry about battery consumption as a single charge can last for over 20 hours of use. This is especially useful to seniors with dexterity issues.

  1. Wireless Bluetooth technology

The only way to optimise sound clarity be it from phone or TV is to stream the sound signals from the audio devices into hearing aids using wireless Bluetooth technology.

Even users with severe hearing loss can once again hear phone calls and watch TV.

Another feature desired by users is using app to personalise their hearing, all thanks to wireless Bluetooth technology. User can adjust the volume and change programs to help them hear better in different hearing environments e.g. restaurants.

Get a qualified audiologist to do a hearing assessment to understand your hearing loss condition, your needs and how the latest hearing aid technology can help you and loved ones.

Complimentary one to one consultation and hearing aid experience with professional Audiologists

For the month of October 2020, The Hearing Specialist offers a complimentary one-to-one professional consultation and hearing aid experience session with our team of experienced Audiologists.   Complimentary, obligation free registration. Limited to 4 consultation slots per day, on staggered appointments basis.  

We have English, Mandarin, Chinese Dialects and Malay languages speaking Audiologists in our professional team. The objective is to undertake diagnostic assessment, understand your current hearing loss condition and identify suitable solution or the next step.  If hearing aid is identified to be the suitable solution for your hearing needs, you will also be able to try the hearing aid solution to hear the benefits and gain first hand experience.

Please call hotline 6346 0858 or whatsapp 96342369 to register.