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Hearing Aids


how small they both areHelping patients understand how to choose and use the hearing aid that they need vs what they want for successful hearing

(Patient centric approach)

which one shall i choose - small or small

Recently, Mdm Pang in her early 60s came to our clinic at Orchard Medical Specialists Centre for hearing aid’s advice. For the past few years, she has been using custom-made In-The-Canal (ITC) model but lately noticed her hearing difficulty had increased significantly, even with hearing aids on. She struggles to maintain a conversation, both over the phone as well as face-to-face conversation even in quiet places.

A Pure Tone Audiometry (hearing test) result showed that she has profound hearing loss on one side while the other ear has no usable hearing.  During the conversation with our Principal Audiologist, we noticed she kept trying to turn up the volume on her hearing aid and requested us to repeat many times.

With her profound hearing loss, a powerful Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid was recommended to meet her hearing needs. When the new hearing aid was put in front of her, she found the size too big and was concerned about whether people might notice it. She was quite reluctant to try it and explained she preferred something small, similar to what she is currently using.

We patiently explained to her why she need a powerful aid to meet her hearing needs which can only be found in the behind-the-ear model. Upon putting it on, she kept looking into the mirror to check for visibility and was pleasantly surprised to discover that she could now handle conversations so much better! The benefits of the properly selected hearing are so obvious that she decided to get the powerful hearing aid despite the initial aid size struggle. 

We are glad that the patient had made the right choice to get the aid that helps improve her hearing ability. 

A month later during the post fitting review, Mdm Pang shares that she is so much happier with her new hearing aid and said this to us “Thank you for all the patience and hard work to help me understand what I really need and not just deliver what I want, like many other clinics”. 

The joy of hearing and user satisfaction are what keeps us going.


hearing aids


It is likely many will say the completely-in-the-canal hearing aid on the left will cost the most.

Market practice and gut feel says the price is dependent on size: the smaller the hearing aid, the higher its price – and we can understand why. Here at THSG, our philosophy says the hearing aid technology dictates the price you pay, not the size of the hearing aid. At our clinic, all three fully digital hearing aid models featured above starts at the same price each; $1,000.

A hearing aid is an effective solution to manage hearing loss, especially for the seniors. There are 3 key factors to consider during hearing aid evaluation:

a) Your hearing loss needs

b) The degree and type of your hearing loss

c) Hearing lifestyle expectation
Desire for greater clarity, cleaner sounds across different listening situations. Your expectation is where the range of hearing aid technology comes into play, and also plays a major part in determining the price you pay.



A picture says a thousand words. Like what you see? Much smaller and more powerful than ever.

Digital hearing aids today have more amplification power than ever before, and come in smaller sizes. Coupled with more advance signal processing ability, modern digital hearing aids are able to reduce more background noise and improve speech clarity much more significantly than early day analogue hearing aids.





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