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Which of these hearing aid is the most costly?


hearing aids


It is likely many will say the completely-in-the-canal hearing aid on the left will cost the most.

Market practice and gut feel says the price is dependent on size: the smaller the hearing aid, the higher its price – and we can understand why. Here at THSG, our philosophy says the hearing aid technology dictates the price you pay, not the size of the hearing aid. At our clinic, all three fully digital hearing aid models featured above starts at the same price each; $1,000.

A hearing aid is an effective solution to manage hearing loss, especially for the seniors. There are 3 key factors to consider during hearing aid evaluation:

a) Your hearing loss needs

b) The degree and type of your hearing loss

c) Hearing lifestyle expectation
Desire for greater clarity, cleaner sounds across different listening situations. Your expectation is where the range of hearing aid technology comes into play, and also plays a major part in determining the price you pay.




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