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The Audiological Services Experience – what to expect when you have an appointment with an Audiological Services Clinic


Some of our users shared “now I understand the need to see you” or “so this is what a hearing consultation process is like…”

Some of you may wonder what takes place at an audiological or hearing care clinic.  Allow us to walk you through the consultation process.

The importance of a proper hearing test cannot be emphasised enough. This forms the basis of determining the absence or presence of hearing-related condition including the type and degree of hearing loss and the appropriate solution.

When you consult a professional Audiological Services clinic, here is what you can expect:

  • Seem by a qualified Audiologist who is trained to provide professional testing, diagnosis, evaluation, fitting and support
  • State-of-the-art, calibrated testing facilities and equipment
  • A signed copy of the hearing test report, also known as a pure-tone audiogram for your understanding and monitoring
  • Try it for yourself. Gain first-hand experience of the latest range of advanced hearing solutions that meet both your hearing needs and lifestyle by trying out the hearing aids on the spot across different listening situations.



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