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Why is a hearing test so important?


We cannot emphasise the importance of undertaking a proper hearing test enough. 

A hearing test is the first important step towards a successful hearing journey. 

When administered properly by qualified personnel, the test will help us establish the presence or absence of hearing loss. If hearing loss is detected, this test will also help us to determine the type and degree of hearing loss (i.e. which part of the ear is causing the problem and how much is the damage of the auditory system). Hearing loss can be classified into three types as shown below:

  • Sensorineural hearing loss

    Common causes: aging, noise-induced, virus infection, etc.

  • Conductive hearing loss

    Common causes: impacted earwax, perforated eardrum, middle ear infection, etc.

  • Mixed hearing loss

    Combination of both sensorineural and conductive hearing loss.

Conductive hearing loss is often treatable through medication or surgery. However, for sensorineaural loss hearing, aid amplification is often the most effective solution for overcoming individual hearing difficulties. The hearing test results provide important information for the audiologist to select the most suitable hearing aid model and adjust the aid to the required degree of hearing loss.

Knowing how much hearing loss you are suffering from is important. But knowing how much residue hearing is left, can be even more important as it will determine the amount of benefit you may obtain from hearing aid amplification. Our audiologists at The Hearing Specialist will help you to understand your test results and recommend the most suitable hearing solution. 




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