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Speech Audiometry/Free-Field Aided Test

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Speech Audiometry/Free-Field Aided Test


Speech audiometry is a hearing test that uses speech stimulus to find out about a person’s ability to hear and understand speech.

Speech test helps in different aspects:

  • To cross check the puretone hearing thresholds
  • To identify functional hearing loss
  • To select the most suitable hearing aid
  • To assess the suitability of various implant solutions

How is it Performed?

The patient will be seated in a calibrated, soundproof room with live or recorded speech stimulus delivered either through headphones or speakers. The patient will be required to repeat the speech stimulus heard. A speech score will then be calculated based on the number of words that are repeated correctly.

Free-Field Aided Test

This free-field aided test is performed with the patient putting on his/her hearing aids or implant devices and sitting in a soundproof booth with the test signals delivered through speakers. An aided hearing thresholds will assist the audiologist to further fine tune the hearing devices.


Before the test

Before any hearing test can be conducted, the ear canals will be inspected using an otoscope to check for any abnormalities (i.e. impacted earwax) that would prevent a proper testing or warrant consultation e.g. with an ENT Specialist.

Before the test