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Hearing Aid Evaluation & Fitting

An essential component of hearing loss treatment is hearing aid evaluation and fitting. Simply put, the more expensive hearing aid may not necessarily the best one for a patient. What’s more important, is selecting a hearing aid that suits an individual’s hearing loss and lifestyle needs, then calibrating it for optimal outcome.

When you have your hearing tested at THSG, our Audiologists will evaluate your hearing condition, explain it clearly and discuss your hearing needs and desired lifestyle with you – before making recommendations of which hearing aids to choose from (to learn more about the different types of hearing aids available, click here).

Fitting a hearing aid involves fine-tuning it over a period of time to ensure that patients achieve a successful hearing outcome. Often, a new hearing aid user will rediscover that the world is a noisy one. Depending on individual’s hearing condition and the time gap before they seek treatment, they need to spend time to relearn sounds and noise and then learn to filter out the noises. 

The extended time frame and gradual calibration allows for patients’ newly rediscovered hearing abilities and brains to be synced up – to prevent common problems from occurring and giving patients a smooth transition back into a world of sound.