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Offers for Seniors, Merdeka and Pioneer Generation Card Holders

Good hearing is vital to helping you enjoy your golden years, doing what you love, participating in conversations and staying connected with family, loved ones and what’s happening around us.

Have questions or feeling lost with the hearing aids related information you hear or read online? We are here to help.  Getting your hearing checked is the first important step towards better hearing.  We are here to help.

Seniors, Merdeka and Pioneer Generation card holders are eligible for hearing aid discounts starting from 15%.

Please call hotline 6346 0858 or whatsapp 9634 2369 to learn more or sign up for a one to one consultation session.  Here at The Hearing Specialist, our team of experienced Audiologists have over 25 years of patient care management experience especially for the seniors category.  Prioritize your hearing health for better quality of lives.

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