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Mr. Foo Chee Yang

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Mr. Foo Chee Yang


I am 75 years old. About 9 years ago, I woke up in the morning with a very disturbing ringing noise in my left ear and noted that was adversely affecting my hearing. I went to Bedok Polyclinic to seek consultation and following a few sessions, I was referred to a specialist at the ENT Department at Changi General Hospital. The specialist referred me for a hearing test and the results revealed that I had hearing loss in both ears due to aging, with the left ear being more profound. However, the doctor felt that it was not yet necessary for me to wear a hearing aid as I was still able to hear reasonably well.

About 2 ½ years later, my hearing was gradually getting worse and I returned for another test and consultation. This time, the specialist agreed that it was time for me to have a hearing aid to assist in my hearing and I was referred to Mr Tan Boon Hai of the Department of Otolaryngology.

Mr Tan has a very pleasant disposition, and he carefully reviewed the results of my hearing test as well as examined both my ears. He advised that wearing a hearing aid would certainly help me hear better and recommended me a medium-range hearing aid for my left ear. Mr Tan also told me that it was not yet necessary to have a hearing aid for my right ear. I am pleased to say that the hearing aid has indeed helped me to hear very much better and it has met my expectations fully. Since then, I do not feel so constrained when going out to meet friends.

4 years since then, the hearing in my right ear gradually deteriorated. I consulted Mr Tan on whether it was time for me to consider wearing a hearing aid for my right ear. He told me that it would certainly enhance my hearing. Now that I am wearing hearing aids in both my ears, it has indeed helped me to not only hear better, but also feel better.

Mr Tan is a trained Principal Audiologist (Masters in Audiology from United Kingdom) of the Department of Otolaryngology. A competent specialist, he has been in this specialised field for many years. He always has the patience to listen to your problems and would make appropriate adjustments to your hearing aid to achieve maximum results. He is also very compassionate and personal when recommending the type of hearing aid to suit your needs and budget.

He always explained my hearing problems to me clearly and enlightened me with details of ear functions. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Mr Tan to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with hearing.


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