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Ms Janet Han

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Ms Janet Han


Hello! My name is Janet and I am a member of The Hearing Specialist team.

Hearing loss happens gradually and it takes time for one to realise, accept and come forward for treatment. Many people tend to downplay a mild hearing loss and manage around it, seeking treatment only when it gets worse. From my personal experience, I know that even a mild hearing loss can bring about significant social impact, even as the process to realise this and come forward for treatment is a gradual one.

Recently, a persistent itch in my right ear caused my hearing level to drop. I brushed this aside thinking it would go away in a few days’ time. However, I found it difficult to follow conversations and kept wondering why the people around me were asking funny questions, or used words that were not part of everyday lingo. Needless to say, this led to several misunderstandings and I had to keep asking friends and colleagues to repeat them a few times over. Feelings of frustration emerged and I slowly begun to wonder what was happening.

Eventually, I got our audiologist to conduct a physical examination of my ear canal and discovered it was filled with earwax. Next, a hearing test revealed that my hearing level had dropped by 5 decibels. It was an “Aha!” moment for me to realise the truth behind my situation. Thanks to our network of ENT specialists, who helped remove the earwax on the same day, my hearing was finally restored. What a difference 5 decibels makes!

This recent experience further convinced me of the benefits of early intervention, and helped me realise the social impact, mixed feelings and gradual realisation that our patients experience when facing hearing impairment. It also made me better appreciate the importance of helping loved ones such as family and friends understand this process of gradual realisation so as to help patients comprehend, accept and come forward earlier. There lies a solution for every hearing need and lifestyle.


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