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Ms Veronica Avril Yeo

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Ms Veronica Avril Yeo


My mum is 84 years old and has severe hearing loss. She started to wear hearing aids about 12 years ago. During the initial phase, she was not happy with her hearing aids. When she was in an open environment with loud noises, she had to take them out and often ended up not wearing them. I was very worried for her safety as she is unable to hear car horns, which is very dangerous.

As my financial state improved, I purchased a better quality set for her and after some initial adjustments, she adapted well to it!

It improved her quality of life tremendously as she is now able to conduct meaningful conversations with her relatives and friends. Apart from that, she is also able to enjoy her favourite TV programs by adjusting the hearing program. As this new set is able to detect phone calls and provides automatic adjustments e.g. volume level, she is also able to make long distance calls to our relatives in China!

I think that if my mum was not receptive about having hearing aids, her quality of life would not be as good. At her age, the ability to engage meaningfully with people is an important factor in retaining her positive outlook of life.

Apart from having good hearing aids, having an understanding and caring audiologist is equally important. We were very fortunate to have Mr Tan Boon Hai look after my mum’s hearing needs. He is very patient in explaining hearing aid usage and has provided my mum with comprehensive hands-on practice. This has greatly helped my mum in eliminating the fears and misgivings she had of wearing hearing aids.

We are very appreciative of what Mr Tan has done in going over and beyond his duty with attentive after-fitting care and service.


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