The Impact Of Not Hearing Well

A deterioration in hearing can lead to changes in behavior and lifestyle

“I always prepare a few big notes like $50 or $100 notes when I go to the market as I often cannot hear clearly when the store seller tells me the amount to pay”.

“Nowadays, I only WhatsApp my friends and tell them to text me only as I cannot hear them clearly over the phone”

“My parents have to move the TV set into their bedroom as they turn up the TV’s volume so loud”

Ï avoid conversations and gatherings as I cannot make out what they are talking about. It’s embarrassing to ask them to repeat and I feel so exhausted trying to listen.”

The above are just a few of the comments we commonly heard in our clinics from seniors with hearing impairment. 

For some, hearing well is not easy. From face-to-face conversations to phone calls with loved ones, from buying groceries to enjoying coffee with friends, from listening to music, TV to the current pandemic has intensified the hearing difficulties of hearing challenged individuals like our parents, grandparents.

Hearing loss is not just about hearing less sounds. When one starts to lose his hearing, listening can feel like work. Stress, fatigue kicks in and they start to lose connections with their family, friends and things happening around them.  The slow deterioration of hearing loss makes one get used to hearing less over the years and unconsciously, it results in changes to one’s behaviors or lifestyle to accommodate their poorer hearing.

With the need to put on face mask now, the hearing difficulty faced by them have increased even further as the mask muffled the high frequency part of our speech significantly. This pandemic made people realize the importance of good hearing and early hearing management.  Hearing aid amplification remains the most effective solution for hearing loss. 


Advances in digital hearing aid technology are designed with seniors in mind; safe, effective and easy to use.  One time setup, turns on and off automatically with smart charging, so they can hear more clearly, easily.  With rechargeable technology, seniors no longer need to worry about changing batteries, especially those with dexterity issues.  This technology also indirectly encourages longer hours of usage which helps users to retrain their brain to relearn sounds, filter out noise and eventually lead to better hearing.  The ability to enjoy clear conversations and phone calls with family and friends, watch favourite TV programs together with family without turning up the volume high are possible now with the help of wireless Bluetooth technology hearing aids. 

Our seniors want to socialize and lead independent, active lives like we do. Through the support from family and experienced, patient Audiologist, they will be pleasantly surprised to learn how comfortable, easy and effective modern hearing aid solutions are.