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What is a ear mould? How do you know you are wearing it correctly?

If you wear a behind the ear hearing aid model, you likely have a ear mould.

Ear mould plays an important role in channeling the fitted, amplified sounds from the hearing aid into the ear.  When properly made and worn, it secures the hearing aid to your ear and is comfortable to wear. 

Let’s learn how to know if you are wearing the ear mold correctly.

#1: ear mould not inserted or worn properly

The ear mould is not inserted fully as it protrudes from the ear canal as seen in the images above.  Another sign that the ear mould may not be worn correctly is when you hear a whistling feedback sound or some describes as a high pitch, eeeeeee sound leaking out.  This occurs when there is a gap between the ear canal and ear mould. 

#2: How to rectify/wear ear mould correctly

If the above situation occurs, please use your finger to push the ear mould into the correct position in the ear canal as shown. 

Sometimes, it helps to pull the ear pinna with the other hand to straighten the ear canal for easier insertion.  Alternatively, please remove the ear mould completely and re-insert into the ear canal.

Below images shows the correct position of properly inserted ear mould


The other key factor is the tubing length. The length is important and the tubing should be clear and soft.  Please check in with your Audiologist to ensure it is the correct fit and also