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World Hearing Day 2021 – Hear Well, Live Well, Stay Connected

  • 01 Mar 2021

3 March is World Hearing Day.  This year’s theme by World Health Organisation is :

Hearing care for all! Screen.  Rehabilitate.  Communicate.

  • Good hearing and communication are important at all stages of life
  • getting your hearing checked is the first important step

The sense of hearing enables us to feel connected to the environment, things happening around us and most importantly, it helps us to connect to the people around us. Our senses will slowly fade with age.  However, our desire to hear well and stay connected remain unchanged.

For the month of March 2021, we are providing complimentary one to one consultation session to raise awareness about the importance of hearing and communications.  Simple, fast and painless, you will get the hearing test report on the spot.

Complimentary one to one consultation with The Hearing Specialist

Date: 1 to 31 March 2021
          (limit to 4 staggered consultation slots per day)

To register, please call hotline 6346 0858 or WhatsApp 96342369.


The hidden impacts we need to know


“I avoid conversations and gatherings as I cannot make out what they are talking about. It’s embarrassing to ask them to repeat and I feel so exhausted trying to listen.”

“Nowadays, I only WhatsApp my friends and tell them to text me only as I cannot hear them clearly over the phone”

“I turn on the TV so loud that nobody in the family watches TV with me now”

Does the above sounds familiar to you?  These are some of the common challenges we hear in clinical sessions.

The struggle to hear is real.  

The impacts of hearing loss do not stop at the obvious effects of hearing less which make conversations much more difficult to conduct, especially in noisy situations.  Our ears pickup sounds and deliver it to the brain to process.  When we have difficulty hearing, our brain has to work harder to process sounds to help us understand what we hear.  This reduces our brain’s ability to perform other cognitive functions such as attention, memory and language.  When one start to lose their hearing, he/she starts to lose connections with people and happenings around them. 

Let The Hearing Specialist’s team of Audiologists will help you understand loved one’s hearing condition and experience how modern hearing aids technology improve their hearing, help them leads active, independent lives and bring back the joys of hearing.