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Rethink what you think about custom made hearing aid: contactless, rechargeable, wireless earbud design

New contactless, rechargeable, custom made hearing aid solution in by GN ReSound in true wireless earbud design from Jabra, their sister company

ReSound’s most advanced hearing technology comes hidden in a rechargeable earbud design, custom made for you, combining the experience in true wireless earbuds from Jabra.

it provides a natural sound listening experience and better speech understanding in noise.  This latest custom made for you hearing aid solution comes with key features:

  • Advanced sound and noise reduction processing
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • Enhanced speech in noise capabilities
  • Contactless rechargeability
  • Stream calls, music including hands free call for iPhone
  • Sweat proof. Nano coating for easy cleaning and maintenance

Custom made R hearing aid by ReSound One Brochure

The world’s first customised charger

This portable custom made hearing aid charger has specially created inserts that match your custom hearing aids to ensure intuitive and efficient inductive charging.

Not only is this ReSound One hearing aid custom made to your ear shape, the charger is also custom made to hold the hearing aid in position for optimal charging. One full charger can last up to over 20 hours of usage.

Learn more about how this advanced hearing aid solution can meet your hearing and active lifestyles needs.

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